ALWAYS ONE-ON-ONE CARE ... all the time!!


Have you received physical therapy services previously and been underwhelmed by the experience?


Were you one of several patients being juggled by a single therapist ... or their assistant?


Did you see a different therapist or aide every time you attended a session?


Most importantly, did you fail to get better?


If any of the above questions can be answered with a yes, please allow me the opportunity to show you the true benefit of a physical therapist, so you can finally get back on track to living a pain-free, high quality life.

The services I offer are versatile, combining several diverse certifications in the realms of manual therapy, strength and conditioning, and functional movement. This combination of skills often leads to an elimination of pain within a few sessions, along with a complete physical conditioning overhaul over the course of several weeks.  

My mission is not only to get you out of your current pain state but to make you resilient against recurring injury by making you the best physical version of yourself to date.

It is my belief that once the body is injured, the only way to eliminate the possibility of further injury is to improve your physical condition well beyond your previous state of injury. This is often not possible at most physical therapy clinics where therapists are either poorly educated regarding strength and conditioning or strapped down by a clinical model that promotes a quick turn-over of patients.

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