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Three plus decades of working on sports injuries with physical therapists, chiropracters and surgeons gives me perspective. What I get from Chris is top notch. Professionalism personified with extensive knowledge of how to get the injured back on the field.
— Craig Camel
I came to MovementProfessional in November 2014 when I canceled a gym membership that sat idle for months on end. I never enjoyed nor felt the endorphin release of aerobic gym equipment and found myself more frustrated than satisfied in traditional gym settings. I sometimes called myself gym-phobic but came to realize that I just never had a connection or sense of purpose when running/walking on a treadmill or using the elliptical machines – I felt like a gerbil in a cage. In the past few months I have felt that connection that other people talk about. I work out strong when I’m at MovementProfessional but the true gain is outside of the gym. It is improved posture. It is recognizing the small tweaks in basic movements that can have a great impact on my overall function. This doesn’t need to happen in a 30-60 minute sessions in a gym. Since being introduced to Chris in November of 2014 I have begun to look closer at every aspect of my life; from the way I posture on my weekly travels for business to the way I walk my dog. I can insert functional movements into 2-5 minute breaks between conference calls. In these past few months I have noticed a change in my physical appearance, confidence and self-esteem by feeling stronger and functionally able to look at aging from a different perspective.
— Jodi Sinkow
I have enjoyed exercise for many years. I have been skeptical about engaging a professional trainer for any extended period of time as have always felt I can do so on my own. Last year I tore my ACL and wanted to get into shape for training outside of the gym. I was introduced to Chris towards the end of my rehab. After having worked with him for a short period of time I realized that my body mechanics were incorrect. Chris has an incredible eye for detail and “doing things right”. He explains movement in an easily understandable, logical fashion. I have severely flat feet and have accommodated to this mechanical imperfection which led to prior injuries. During training on my own, I re-tore my ACL and required a second surgery a few months ago. Due to the training prior I was able to maintain strength and be off of crutches within three days and out of the knee immobilizer within a week with little loss of muscle definition. I attribute this rapid recovery to the time spent with Chris.
— Marc Sinkow
I have been a diabetic for 34 years. Over the past few years, I have had several physical injuries: a bicep tear, fractured knee cap, trigger finger and foot surgery, to name a few. I have always been active and it is important for me to stay in shape and workout. Having these injuries makes that very difficult for me to do on my own accord. Finding a personal trainer who understood my ailments and is able to properly design workouts around my issues has been critical to my personal well being. Chris takes the time to understand my injuries, discuss my goals, and has the skill and training to help me achieve those goals without risking further injury.

I highly recommend Chris for anyone who is looking to improve their physical well being whether you are just starting out, in tremendous shape, or recovering from an injury. He has been a godsend to me and can be so for anyone looking to improve their lifestyle.
— Meron I. Hewis
Dear Chris,
I have been meaning to write. I am almost entirely better. I am really writing in appreciation of your work with me. I have learned so much in not only how to work with the sciatica, but in doing the workouts.
— Paula
Dear Chris,
I wanted to thank you for helping me get my sorry arse back in working order, despite my knee issues. I now go every day (mon-fri) to the gym and work at getting myself back in some sort of form. You taught me a bunch of things and for that I am most appreciative. Your patience is world class and I know you will do well in the future. My guess is you are likely to see me again - but I wanted to reach out now and thank you for getting me on the right path.
— John Waraksa