Functional Mobility

I am certified in the application of the Functional Movement Screen via Functional Movement Systems as well as the principles of Kelly Starrett's Crossfit MobilityWOD. Combining the principles of these certifications and my clinical experience, I have developed optimal functional movement assessments specific to each client's needs.

Without a clear assessment of functional mobility limitations one cannot expect to progress safely in their movement goals. Once these limitations are identified, programming is better able to be prioritized and specified to your needs making rapid fitness gains possible.

Working Around Pain

Just because you get injured does not mean you have to shut down your movement aspirations. Combining my knowledge as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I am uniquely qualified to manage your aches and pains while keeping you active and allowing you to return to full strength as soon as possible.

As I see it, injury can be an opportunity to work on weaknesses or movement limitations not often considered with traditional fitness programming.

Joint/Soft Tissue Mobilization

To maximize movement potential, your joints and soft tissues need to be mobile enough to allow you to move in and out of functional positions and resilient enough to take on the physical stress inherent to adding the resistance and volume necessary to improve physical capacity. Utilizing my expertise as a functional movement specialist and manual therapist, I am able to design highly specialized mobility routines to quickly allow you to perform activities you haven't performed in years.

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Note: All services mentioned above are of a wellness/fitness nature and are not intended to therapeutically treat a medical diagnosis or pathology. In order to have a medical diagnosis treated via physical therapy one needs to provide a physician's prescription and treatments are subject to the limitations of the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy State Practice Act.