The term MOVEMENT PROFESSIONAL refers to all individuals working in the health, fitness and wellness fields who deal with improving  physical function/performance.  MOVEMENT PROFESSIONALS include but are not limited to personal trainers, physical therapists, athletic trainers, yoga/pilates instructors, Crossfit coaches, nurses, physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc.  All of these practitioners playvital roles in improving an individual's quality of movementand therefore quality of life. Unfortunately, with the health andfitness industries as competitive as they are,  too manyprofessionalsdownplay the benefits of others in order tocreate a superficial and unnecessary "who is more knowledgeable than who" hierarchy . These all too common marketing tacticsdo nothing but hinder a patient/client's ability to experience the highest quality of care. The term MOVEMENT PROFESSIONAL is meant to erase lines drawn in the sand between various professionals working with a common goal of assisting others in reaching their human movement potential. This is not to disregard differences in the educational processes of different professions, but simply to point out that a collaborative effort is the most effective approach to improving physical function/performance.


Movement potential refers to the process of finding youroptimal capacity to physically function. This ranges from functioning in daily life while taking care of your kids to training to become a competitive athlete. Although this potential will differ from person to person, all human beings have the ability to continuously progress towards their own optimal state.


The intention of this company is both to assist individuals in maximizing their potential for physical activity, and become an active voice for the health benefits of quality movement. Physical activity and the ability to move well is a fundamental pillar of experiencing happiness in life. Too often, however, the ambition to "move well" is overshadowed by the desire to "look good". Favorable physical appearance is highly subjective and can be achieved by healthy and unhealthy means. MovementProfessional, LLC strives to keep quality movement as the priority in an effort to allow clients to move more frequently, at higher intensities, and in more skillful ways creating positive physical changes that are in line with overall well being.