The Agility Ladder for Endurance

Typically the agility ladder is utilized for high-intensity, speed-based movements suitable for athletes involved in activities where quickness and foot speed are of vital importance to optimal performance. Here I demonstrate the use of an agility ladder for longer-duration, endurance-based endeavors. Utilizing the agility ladder in this way has the following benefits:

1. It teaches one to be lighter on their feet; therefore, reducing the ground reaction force of each stride. 
2. Deeper muscles of stability are naturally recruited by cueing the "feet to be lighter" and the strides to be shorter. This activity keeps the line from the head to feet in a more vertical plane, maintaining the body in a more stable posture throughout the motion.
3. Greater movement variability is promoted than typical long-duration, endurance-based tasks. In this case, forward, backward, lateral and diagonal motion are all included in the movements discussed.

20 minutes total:
2 minutes each of for 2 rounds:
Forward traveling one foot in each block
Forward traveling two feet each block
Lateral traveling two feet each block
Diagonals two out/ two across
Lateral two out/two in